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Why Us?

Sleep Sisters have the goal to restore your sleep and your confidence as a parent. We know that sleep is a necessity, not a luxury and by building your skill set and showing you techniques to settle your baby and promote self settling we boost your self esteem, your confidence and your overall wellbeing. Parenting will once again become a joy.

Sleep Sisters have empowered countless parents to overcome their sleep challenges and find a peaceful solution for their families.

Our Approach

We understand you are in a sleep deprived haze right now. We are Mums who struggled with all the same issues and faced all the challenges of new parents and we just knew there had to be a better way. There is sleep at the end of the tunnel!

Sleep Sisters provide a one on one consultation with coffee and compassion. We discuss routines, environments and factors and educate parents on new techniques and skills to overcome the hurdles.

Sleep sisters taught our baby to self settle in the gentlest way possible & helped us feel at ease during the process. Our little one is now able to sleep through the night which we didn’t think was possible
— Rachael O'Donnell